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Obesity Increasing in the Middle-Aged and Elderly

A new survey indicates a a two point increase in obesity rates among participants aged 40-43 and 72-79, between 2008 and 2012. The poll, conducted by Gallup, of nearly 600,000 adults, aged 18 and older, showed a significant jump in the obesity rates of people in their 40s, 70s and 80's. Researchers relied on participants self-reported weight and height to calculate body-mass index or BMI scores. After compiling the data, Gallup concluded that Americans over the age of 35 are significantly more likely to be obese than they were in 2008. U.S. obesity rates have been on the rise for years; currently two thirds of Americans are considered too heavy. The increase in obesity rates concern health officials, because of the attendant health issues that accompany obesity, including increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. While the focus in recent years on childhood and adolescent obesity has been high, the new survey indicates that more needs to be done to assist the middle aged and elderly. The study also indicated that the rate of increase in obesity among 18-27 year olds has flattened to within a half a point, but officials cautioned that the minimal increase may indicate an obesity saturation point among the young.

Source: Reuters. October 24, 2012.